Afterpay New Zealand is now available

By June 7, 2018 January 7th, 2019 New Feature

Afterpay gives customers an easy interest-free option to pay over time while you get paid straight away. Afterpay offers simple installment plans at the checkout.

Benefits for Afterpay retailers:

Incremental sales, new customers
• Afterpay converts customers that would have otherwise abandoned, generating more sales from the existing customer base and creating new customers.

Guaranteed up-front payment
• Afterpay settles with retailers up-front, quickly and automatically. No complicated processes or lengthy wait times.

Increase basket size and repeat purchase rates
• Afterpay customers spend more per transaction and over their lifetime, and they come back more often.

Zero fraud or credit risk
• Afterpay assumes all end-customer non-payment risk for every single transaction.