Version 2019 is here!

By January 21, 2019 February 4th, 2019 New Release

Shippit Head office integration (Release Notes – 114323)
Booking carriers and printing labels for B2C (Business to Consumer) is now available from the Scan, Mobile and RF Packing modules using the Shippit carrier integration platform.

Rewards Program (114430)
Extended to include issuing of free gifts.  Different gifts can be issued based on tier / spend and in addition to event based can be issued out on a set interval.  For example, all gold members are issued with Gold Class Movie tickets every September.  Birthday and program anniversary dates can be used to issue out rewards.

Retail Replenishment (113918)
A new option to allow merchandisers to set different Rate of Sale calculations for different groups of products, or different divisions within a business. As part of this piece of work, the function that calculates the Rate of Sale figures has been moved into a scheduled task, giving businesses the choice of when the calculation will be run, but also update the default rate of sale formula.

A new replenishment function has been added to allow businesses to set a minimum and maximum for a group of products. This allows the businesses using rate of sale and one for one to control how much or how little inventory they would like to hold in their retail stores e.g. Minimum shelf display. (Release Notes – 113916)

Retail Markdowns (Release Notes – 114227)
Markdowns has been updated to prompt for a product reference value, for a nominated product reference, to be updated when the markdown is locked. This will allow businesses to filter in/out clearance products in report and replenishment queries.

SalesNet (Release Notes -114210)
New setting introduced at head office to clear out old pending orders.

Products (Release Notes – 114098)
Security added for editing product codes.

Bulk option to change size ranges on products.(Release Notes – 114491)

Assembly Payments (Release Notes – 114356)
Westpac integrated EFTPOS solution – Assembly Payments updated to allow for non-card present payments.

Ecommerce (Release Notes – 114415)
Retail API Products endpoint modified so that the “UpdatedAfter” filter and the “UpdateTimeStamp” element consider price changes due to markdown starting or ending as a modification. This change means that there is no longer a requirement to do a full product read each night to get the “today” prices for the day.