Version 2019.1

By May 23, 2019 New Release

Products (114741)
Product enrichment is now possible by adding grouped custom fields and tags.  New field options include single and multi-select drop down lists, text, memo, numeric, date and check boxes. The Retail API can access the additional information.


  • For Stock Orders new option introduced to perform a real time stock lookup upon submitting orders to prevent over ordering. (114130)
  • Free Stock formula extended to include Advance Flow Orders (114672)
  • Customers can request a copy of the original invoice and packing list (114650 – Release Notes) (114829 )


Mailer Notifications

  • New notification for issuing out gifts as part of the rewards program (114736 –Release Notes)
  • Custom name can be added to the sender email for all email notifications (114863)