Release Announcement – Version 2020.1

By May 13, 2020 January 20th, 2021 New Release

Apparel21  version 2020.1 is now available

Version 2020.1 gives you the following enhancements*:


  • Redesign of retail customers to capture additional details. Unlimited custom fields can be added and are visible at POS, Ecommerce (through the Retail API) and head office.  Customer screen at POS overhauled to help retail staff better understand the customer and support the new custom field (114928)
  • Improved customer detail recording at POS by validating address and phone number when signing up a new customer or entering an address for ship from store (115060)
  • To support customer sign up at store a QR barcode can be printed on the docket for direct to a self-registration page for data capture and consent including capturing the first transaction (115851)
  • Retail Rewards new option to record into balance sheet the reward liability and expense on earning and burning of rewards (115850)



  • Mailer notifications – new email type for wholesale exchange order (Release Notes – 115541)
  • Scan Packing new optioned added to ‘pick all’ on order (115499)


  • AR Statements added ability to set email body template / text to be included with all statements emailed (115479)


  • To support extended supplier product codes and description current characters limits have been increased. Product code from 10 to 20 characters and description from 30 to 60 (Release Notes – 115229)
  • Sell Prices screen in Product Maintenance overhauled to make it easier to identify current price and search for specific prices (Release Notes – 115228)


  • Oracle 19c compatibility (115509)
  • Task Maintenance to prevent accidental modification of tasks – Workgroup Security by task has been introduced (115237)
  • Supplier Maintenance new Workgroup Security introduced to edit bank details (Release Notes – 115804)