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By August 12, 2020 May 26th, 2021 New Partnership
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The Retail Score partners with Apparel21


Apparel²¹and The Retail Score (TRS) have teamed up to provide a comprehensive cloud-based Portal, Data Warehousing and Retail Analytic solution specifically for Apparel²¹ customers who are looking to leverage their data across the entire organisation.


Do you need all your data in one place?

Automate Reporting

Do you need to improve efficiencies and automate your reporting and analysis?

Tools for Power Users

Do your power users want the ability to quickly drill into all corners of your data?


Do you want to provide targeted KPIs and publish reports to different parts of the organisation

Apparel²¹ and TRS have created a suite of solutions designed to cater for the different needs of clients. There are 3 tiers of service

  • Reporting Portals
  • Professional Service: Data Warehouse, Pivot 4 PowerUsers Base Service plus Portals
  • Enterprise Service : Pivot 4 PowerUsers with Advanced Data integration plus Portals

How does it work?

TRS connect directly to your data within Apparel²¹ using the TRS Beacon. Data is extracted at the lowest transactional level and all the critical data generated through Apparel²¹is captured. The data included in each solution varies. Data extracts run overnight for all other business critical data and the solutions are typically refreshed by 8am every morning. Sales data is then updated hourly throughout the day.

Reporting Portals

Apparel 21 will be utilising TRS solutions to deliver reporting portals to clients. The TRS Portal delivers easy to navigate reports and dashboards accessible on any device and includes out the box analytics covering abroad range of functions. Clients will be able to subscribe to this service at 2 different levels.

Store Portal: Embedded solution built into Apparel²¹ that will provide stores with a seamless link to a powerful set of KPIs and analyses specifically built for Stores and their managers.

HQ Portal: An expended portal for executives, buying, marketing, planners and e-commerce that provides a comprehensive suite of reporting across a range of business issues.

The portal solution references all broad range of critical data including sales, current stock, goods in transit, and purchase orders.

PROFESSIONAL: Pivot4 Power Users + Portal

The TRS Pivot 4 Power solution allows power users to access a data warehouse via Excel and create advanced analyses that auto refresh utilising any metrics and dimensions available in the data warehouse. You can also publish reports via automated email to a broad audience and use the cube for unlimited ad hoc queries day in day out.

The Professional Base Service Data Warehouse includes all the core Sales and Inventory data but also includes

  • Stock History and Inventory Transactions
  • Purchase and Production Orders
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Production Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Markdown History
  • Enhanced Dimensions References
  • Discount and Returns Reasons
  • Sales Markdown Status

ENTERPRISE: Advanced Data Warehouse with Pivot4 Power Users

The TRS advanced Data warehouse solution provides all the content and features of the Professional Service plus an extended Apparel²¹fact set and the ability to integrate data from other data sources.

The additional Fact sets include Transfer Orders, Mail Orders, Model Stock, Production Orders, and Markdown History

Additional data sets that TRS typically integrate include

  • Budgets
  • Time and Attendance
  • Foot Traffic
  • Google Analytics
  • Image Libraries

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