Release Announcement – Version 2020.3

By October 25, 2020 February 1st, 2021 New Release

Ecommerce \ POS

 115175 Adyen payment gateway integration for POS.  Adyen delivers a number of benefits:

  • Single integration across multiple countries
  • Support for multiple wallet payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay
  • Reduce fraud risk by returning to the same card
  • Seamless refunds across in store and online by using the same payment gateway

116357 Mailer return notifications, exchange order references available as filters when setting the rules

116231 Web Sales Monitor updated so that carrier and consignment note details received on returns can be viewed in a clickable field

115873 Web Sales Monitor new fields to display the number of despatches and order completed date

115891 Retail API reduce the payload of Product Custom Data based on card name

Purchasing  116273 Bulk complete purchase orders option

Logistics  115898 Smartfreight added support for international shipping

Products  115085 Product Custom Data new field type – Product Tree added.  Product Trees are used to store the product navigation tree across different websites and marketplaces