Release Announcement – Version 2021.2

By July 19, 2021 New Release

Ecommerce \ POS

116664 International Ecommerce – Multi currency. Web stores can now be in a different currency to the financial company. It’s now also possible to ship from store across store currencies

116770 Product custom templates to support marketplaces like the Iconic

116740 Retail API – new end point added for future prices. This will allow Ecommerce sites to utilise future prices to plan online merchandising activities in advance

116791 Retail API new end point for total stock on hand results in greater efficiency by reducing the number of free stock call for a full sync

117028 Support added for after hours deliveries from the warehouse


117034 Improve security model for application access to the Oracle database


116657 GL reporting on sales and cost of sales now supported by channel ( In-store, Ship from Store, Click and Collect and Ship from Warehouse sales


116992 SalesNet has been updated to cater for sites that have multiple websites to display custom content by a customer


116811 Connote number for all transaction types now visible in Stock Transfer Maintenance


116749 – Importing original sell prices can now be set to run on a schedule