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By July 20, 2021 New Partnership

Thumbzup’s unique mPOS Solution and partnership with Apparel²¹ represents a significant advancement for retailers and consumers by providing an enhanced payment experience for both you and your customer, making the checkout experience seamless.

Together with Apparel²¹, Thumbzup provides a unique hand-held Android payment device that runs ENVIMO as a Point of Sale, providing a solution that is so much more than a secure payment solution. ENVIMO makes use of the built-in scanner and camera on the Thumbzup Payment Device, to offer a single device for not only payments but also productivity improvement features for stock receipting, Click & Collect, Ship from Store and Endless Aisle order fulfillment, stock enquiries, store consolidations as well as empowering your retail teams to engage with your customers better with a more personalised clienteling experience.

Apparel²¹ first partnered with Thumbzup in 2018 to deliver the first mobile payment platform for ANZ bank’s BladePay solution.   In 2021 Thumbzup launched a new flagship Payment Terminal, which has been specifically designed and centered around retail and enterprise mobility. This payment device is smaller, more powerful and more capable than the Payment Blade solution.

These new state of the art payment devices have a lightweight design that is small enough to fit in your pocket, keeping the device at hand, wherever you go. The device provides enterprise-grade features, such as a fully integrated high-speed scanner, extended battery life, a private App Store and payment processing capabilities. The device surpasses the capabilities of a traditional EFTPOS terminal at a fraction of both the price and footprint.

Many Thumbzup customers have already started their journey replacing larger, bulky EFTPOS terminals with this single, handheld device, allowing them to better leverage their existing floor space and reimagine the customer engagement experience.

Thumbzup and ENVIMO will take your sales team beyond the traditional counter, and transform the way you manage sales and client shopping experiences.

At Thumbzup we imagine a world where retail experiences are distinctive, where everyone can transact easily and merchants use innovative technology to close more sales.

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