Release Announcement – Version 2022.1

By February 10, 2022 New Release


116219 Wholesale EDI order monitor including new ability to not auto generate orders for price, quantity and date mismatches for batches of orders.  These changes mean businesses can automate all order generation and only need to monitor errors. i.e. Move to exception monitoring instead of ALL order monitoring.

117106 SalesNet – Stock and Indent – Option to view and print order summaries by month – agents and customers

117063 SalesNet Stock and Indent orders – Draft orders – print friendly option

Ecommerce \ POS

117291 The Retail API Persons endpoint has been updated to allow querying of person records updated after a specific timestamp

117242 Envimo – identify each device for sales reporting

117241 Enable Bluetooth printing on Envimo

116922 POS / Envimo – Store product weights and pass actual weights to Shippit for accurate weight calculations


117253 Option added to update purchase order header dates in bulk

117382 Purchase shipment invoices on select receipts to invoice display main supplier and other data to help with selection of receipts