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ENVIMO is the smart cloud-based Point of Sale system that will empower your business to provide seamless customer service experiences. Enabling you to engage your customers to browse your catalogue, view products and understand real-time stock availability across your network as well as processing customer sales at the tap or swipe of a payment card.

Fully Visualise
your customers’ needs

ENVIMO dashboards will significantly improve your sales team’s ability to recognise customer spending patterns, previous purchase history and other clienteling metrics that will cultivate tailored customer service experiences.

Mobilise your sales team

ENVIMO will take your sales team beyond the traditional counter space and free your team to fully immerse their customer servicing attention from anywhere in your store. From the shop front, to the change room and facilitating one click stock on hand checks throughout your entire store network. ENVIMO will ensure you have access to all the traditional sales tools without the need to leave your customer’s side.

ENVIMO supports multiple device options

Android devices

Available on Android version 6.0 and later.

Windows 10 machine

Available on Windows 10 desktop.

iOS devices (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch)

Available on iOS version 9 and later.

Secure cloud login

Cloud hosted in a secure environment.
All traffic in and out of ENVIMO is encrypted.

Cashless Integration

Cashless payment with Payment Express integration options.

OMNI channel management

Efficiently and accurately process Click & Collect and Ship from Store orders.

Catalogue and product browsing

Catalogue and product browsing with enriched product information.

Real time Stock

Access real-time SOH (Stock on Hand) information with a click of a button.

Customer dashboard

Understand your customer’s spending pattern to better target their transactional budget

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