Apparel21 has built a reputation for providing the benchmark for ERP technology and expert customer support for the ‘style, colour, size’ industry.

From strategy through to implementation, we can help organisations operate efficiently whilst maintaining quality outputs.

Constantly working in the fashion environment, our software provides easy access to knowledgeable professionals to achieve short-term wins and long-term sustainability. Whether you are in retail fast fashion or a major production house, our professional team will add value to your business for greatest results. No guessing. No reinventing the wheel. Just genuine experience as fashion industry purists.

Apparel21 combines specialist skills in finance, retail, wholesale, production, operations and technology to make a significant difference to your business performance. It’s this difference that has helped make Apparel21 the leading fashion ERP practice in the industry.

Implementation & Consulting

Without relying on third party implementation services, our software is fully forced with a cross- functional, multi-disciplined group of professionals for successful project engagement.

Technical Consulting

Consultants who can build integrations into other systems, 3rd Party Logistics, or even customised reporting.

Business Analysis

Business Analysts who examine the needs of your organisation in order to develop specific solutions to business and related technology challenges.

Products & Key Features of the Apparel21 ERP Solution

  • Eliminate duplicated efforts and processing time
  • Reduce wastage in the production process
  • Leverage real-time company information
  • Optimise stock allocation & Reduce processing time
  • Improve planning accuracy & Increase product margins
  • Fully integrated across retail, wholesale, production & financials
  • Fashion industry specific easy to use with a friendly interface
  • Sophisticated online help functionality
  • Can be integrated seamlessly to other solutions
  • Provides powerful planning, reporting and analysis tools
  • Strong industry customer base with a proven track record
  • Implementations remain within the timeframe & defined budget
  • Access to free ongoing training

Apparel21 fashion ERP solutions can
be any combination of


Leveraging real-time data dramatically improves your business performance and positively impacts the bottom line.


Wholesale offers you the ability to plan, track and report on every facet of your supply chain to drive sales.


Apparel21 accurately and seamlessly plans, costs, and tracks your products throughout the entire development life-cycle.

Additional Apparel21 systems within the overall ERP solution include:

  • Financials
  • Supply Chain
  • Leverage real-time company information
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Reporting and Analysis

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