Reduce administration costs with SalesNet

A web-based stock ordering solution for your trading partners and Sales Agents.

SalesNet is an e-commerce solution that provides real-time data to the online ordering process for your customers and agents. Making it easier to order from you, you can provide a value-added service while reducing your trading costs.

SalesNet is a flexible and cost effective way of extending your wholesale sales channel.

Provide your customers and agents with:

  • Accurate, real-time and personalised pricing and stock availability
  • Offer a rich ordering experience while dramatically reducing your order management costs

Increase your trade partners

When you make the art of doing business with your clients easy – you will inevitably generate more business and increase your customer base. SalesNet provides your trade partners with an improved way of placing orders, allowing them to make more out of the stock you have to offer.

With SalesNet your customers can:

  • Order from real stock volumes so they get instant order confirmations without any need for revisiting the account
  • Gain complete visibility of your products, prices and order history for better decision making and ultimately for better profits
  • Take advantage of trade promotions without relying on account managers – so your clients don’t suffer any lag time
  • Become more empowered to manage their orders and accounts
  • Avoid general red-tape and delays in doing business with you that will add to customer loyalty and repeat business

Technology that supports online wholesale

Apparel21 SalesNet has been built using the latest technology and a proven development methodology. Adopting industry standard communication technology (web service with a REST architecture), SalesNet ensures:

  • Fast performance time
  • Data integrity
  • Reliable integration between your Back Office and website
  • Secure Payment platform integrated with Braintree

Solution Benefits

Leverage existing Apparel21 functionality across online wholesale channel

Streamline your order fulfilment processes

Minimise operational costs of order management

Cost effective real-time integration of your back office to your trade partners

Realtime stock levels.

Provide customers with a better ordering experience


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